The High Performance Athlete

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The High Performance Athlete

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What separates good athletes from GREAT athletes?

That's the question Dr. Jason Winkle, high-performance expert and President of WinkleAthlete, a player and team development organization for athletes and coaches, wanted answered.

And after more than 5 years of extensive research, study, and application, it's the question he's answered in his newest book: 

The High-Performance Athlete: Lessons from S.W.A.T., Special Operations, and Elite Athletes on Achieving Excellence in High-Pressure Situations

What Dr. Winkle discovered is that when high-performing athletes are competing in high-stakes competition they share the same traits as many of the world's most elite military and paramilitary units - from S.W.A.T. to Special Forces.

It took years of research, study, and application, but Dr. Winkle has distilled the attributes of excellence down to 2 major categories: Internal Behaviors and External Practices.

INTERNAL-Focused Behaviors

1. Mental Rehearsal

2. Monitoring Self-Talk

3. Autogenic Breathing

EXTERNAL-Focused Practices

1. Understanding of Roles and Relationship to Team Success

2. Attention to Detail

3. Commitment and Consistency of Effort

In The High-Performance Athlete, Dr. Winkle shows the step-by-step approach coaches, teams, and individual athletes can take to apply both Internal-focused behaviors and external-focused practices to their training regiment.

What People Are Saying:

“As an athlete, former law enforcement officer, and current special operator, the need to perform at a high level has been paramount in my life. The insights that Dr. Winkle shares in this book speak exactly to the mindset necessary to be a high level performer, on the battlefield, on the court, and in life. Learn well these lessons because in the world of special operations, performing at a high level might mean the success of the mission and the lives of your teammates.”

- Special Operations Soldier (Currently Serving)

"What Dr. Winkle has done with this book is something that many trainers across the board have tried to do for eons. That is, he has taken many "intangibles" and put them on paper to preserve them for all of time. He has organized information that is crucial to ANYONE who would consider himself a high performer at anything. These are lessons that are invaluable to maxing out your potential."

- Sgt. Steve Chamness, S.W.A.T.

“Dr. Winkle's real life experiences with the US Military, high-performance athletic teams, and individual athletes make this book a great read for coaches and professionals in a leadership position, giving insightful examples of what young athletes need to progress not only in their sport, but in real life situations.”

- James Hilvert, Head Football Coach, Thomas More College

“Without focus you rarely perform your best. Strangely having Dr. Winkle yell at you tends to make you gain focus rather than be distracted by the primal screams. This book has the skills, techniques and examples needed to perform your best.”

- John Plasse, Chief of Police, Sergeant Major

“This is a must read for EVERY athlete and team. Dr. Winkle is brilliant with his words in inspiring athletes and teams to be the best by raising their standard of excellence.”

- Kylie Hutson, Nike & Team Pacer, Professional Pole Vaulter

“I have known Dr. Jason Winkle personally for several years now as a mentor, coach, and friend. His book was exactly what I thought it would be—a guide for people who want to improve themselves. It is the perfect read for anyone who desires to perform at an elite level.”

- Alex Bettag, former collegiate athlete, current high school coach

I want this!

The High-Performance Athlete PDF + Kindle

Table of Contents:
Standards of Excellence
Standards, Tribes, and Excellence
Creating Your Standard of Excellence
Performance and High-Pressure
External Focus
Internal Focus
Leadership and High-Performing Teams
Time to Train
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