Paid to Exist

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Paid to Exist

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Tired of living a life that's not 100% authentically YOU?

In this premium guide, Jonathan Mead, wildly successful entrepreneur and transformation coach, will show you how to create freedom in your business and life by living and working on your OWN terms.

We were each born with a set of gifts.

Sadly, most of us were raised not to embrace our gifts, but to get in line, keep our heads down, and follow orders.

Jonathan says f*** that.

Instead, he decided to create his life and business DELIBERATELY. Making ever choice on purpose with intent.

And he's helped thousands of others make the same transition: from soul sucking job (cog in the factory) to freedom loving entrepreneur.

In Jonathan's newest guide, he'll show you how to lean into your gifts to best serve the world, and through your service, create the life you've always dreamed possible.

Get your copy today.

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I want this!
Section 1:
Your Deeper Purpose
Chapter 1:
The Two Most Dangerous Words
Chapter 2:
Inspiration vs. Motivation
Chapter 3:
A Framework for Finding Your Passion
Chapter 4:
The Power of Giving
Chapter 5:
10 Ways to Avoid Brainwashing on Your Path to Finding Your Deeper Purpose
Section 2:
Chapter 6:
6 Keys to Develop the Action Habit
Chapter 7:
Seven Counterintuitive Ways to Start Blazing Your Own Trails
Chapter 8:
How to Stop Feeling Like You’re Not Enough
Chapter 9:
Why You Need More Than Passion to Live and Work on Your Own Terms
Section 3:
Living on your own Terms
Chapter 10:
How to Negotiate Asking to Work from Home (while working less and Getting Paid More)
Chapter 11:
How to Quit Your Day Job
Chapter 12:
How to Sneak in the Back Door to Living On Your Own Terms
Chapter 13:
How to Create Predictable Income Doing What You Love
Chapter 14:
The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Tribe
Chapter 15:
How to Build an Incredibly Lazy (and Successful Business)
Chapter 16:
The Secret to Attracting 1,000 True Fans
Section 4:
Additional Resources
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